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What is our pre-event consultation service?
Posted on 29th March 2017
By Dave Gillard, Founder & CEO
When I first started Giggle Booth, I wanted to ensure we always offered the very best in customer care.

With such a fast growing business, that has not been an easy task all of the time - but something we did back in 2014 really changed that.

Having just invested in a very expensive booking management, I still felt there was more to do to ensure our customers were getting the very best from us.

One night, it hit me, and the very next day I set my team on the task of creating what is now known as our 'Pre-event consultation service'.

With customers spread so far across the country we wanted a 1-2-1 experience, but the logistics of doing so in person face to face were impossible, even with our growing branch network.

The brief was simple.

I wanted our customers to get some time with our expert team so they could give them the low down on the things that make the booth experience really work, things like where to put the booth, how to get the most photos, all the tips and tricks we've picked up over the years.

I wanted them to be able to see the different photo designs, pick backgrounds, choose what colour curtains they had on the side of the booth and the various other options to personalise the booth for the big day.
Our first pre-events started in late 2014, and we ran the service well into 2015.

But last year, I decided it needed to be re-introduced.

So over the last few months, along with our management team, franchisees, branch managers and some amazing customers too - we've redeveloped the pre-event consultation service, and just a few weeks re-launched it.

Bookings taking place from May 2017 will have this new, improved service and any new bookings made from now will also be getting the service.

You'll get an invite to ask you to book a meeting, you do this via an online calendar so you can see what availability we have and pick a time that suits.

An email will be sent to you confirming the appointment details, and how to access the call.

When you logon to the call you'll be able to see your 'Event Experts' screen, they'll walk you through your booking, confirm details, make sure all the information we have is correct and then go on to discuss personalisation options. They'll also tell you about the things that'll really make your day go without a hitch and bag you the best wedding memory book!

I often check-in with customers who've recently had a pre-event consultation, and without exception, every single one says it has been a valuable and useful meeting. Many are surprised we offer it free!

This is a Giggle Booth exclusive - you will not find this from any other providers. 

We provide this service because we specialise in weddings and know that going over these details and treating your wedding like the individual event it is, is completely worthwhile and makes sure you have the very best experience.

My team across the country, and I are committed to this fantastic service which is why we have spent the last few months really refining it to ensure it works for everyone who takes part. 

You'll hear from my team over the coming months to get your consultation booked in. If you have any queries, just get in touch.

The video included in this blog post shares some more detail on the service and feedback from customers who've taken part.

Thanks for choosing us - I really hope you LOVE the service my team offer.

Dave Gillard, Founder & CEO - Giggle Booth

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